Dataware Housing

Dataware Housing

Data warehousing solutions from Prodigy Technologies Inc, gives your organization the power to turn the vast amount of otherwise inert data produced by your business into extremely valuable information. Information that drives strategic decision making, empowers you to identify trends and opportunities, and avoid costly inefficiencies. When you translate data into information, you get visibility, control and an unparalleled competitive advantage.

Business intelligence

With clients in virtually every business sector, Prodigy Technologies Inc, affords you deep experience needed to assess, collect, cleanse, convert and use the data that is generated across your business functions and applications. More than just technique and best practice knowledge, when you engage Prodigy Technologies Inc,, you gain the confidence of a partner that’s successfully served the needs of Fortune 1000 and leading mid-market companies worldwide.

Best Practice Data Warehousing:

• Needs Assessment 
• Data Cleansing, Collection and Conversion 
• Technical Architecture 
• Data Modeling 
• Report Design and Usability 
• Implementation 
• Database Administration 
• Project Management

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