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Experience breeds success. It is Prodigy Technologies Inc’s vision to build a world class organization that is focused on becoming our clients’ most trusted business advisor and systems integrator. The only way we will achieve this goal is by relying on the breadth of experience of our Prodigy Technologies Inc employees and partners. Only with the highest levels of performance and professionalism we will succeed. We will continue to set our standards higher than those of our competition and allow this to serve as the cornerstone to our success; not just for Prodigy Technologies Inc but, more importantly, our employees, clients and partners.

When Prodigy Technologies Inc engages a client, we don’t just look at the projects we are tasked with. Our obligation is to provide our clients with the knowledge and experience that they need to succeed beyond the short-term goals.

Prodigy Technologies Inc empowers all of its clients to succeed well beyond our presence on-site or involvement on any project. Prodigy Technologies Inc prides itself on being able to provide the most knowledgeable business and systems integration talent available. We succeed only because of the people that we put forward; our reputation is staked upon driving them toward successful careers. Our goal is to have each of our employees wake up every day with a passionate belief that their work is contributing to the success of our client and the growth of their skills. We are committed to delivering value, building a reputation for success and being recognized as a dominant force in providing our clients with enterprise application services and solutions. Our employees are like no others and our innovative approach to problem solving is what gives our clients the edge they need to compete in their market segment. Prodigy Technologies Inc knows how to execute ideas, and we’re dedicated to building an important and lasting company.

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