Application development Services

Application Development

Prodigy Technologies Inc, Custom Application Development Services are positioned to help you extract quality business solutions at a lower cost. With Application Development Outsourcing, geography is no longer a threat to result-oriented innovative solutions.

With clients in virtually every business sector, Prodigy Corporation affords you deep experience needed to assess, collect, cleanse, convert and use the data that is generated across your business functions and applications. More than just technique and best practice knowledge, when you engage Prodigy Corporation, you gain the confidence of a partner that’s successfully served the needs of Fortune 1000 and leading mid-market companies worldwide.

Our Custom Application Development Services include Architecture Consulting, Capacity Planning, Network Planning, Website Designing and Development, Application Development and Maintenance, and Testing.

The Custom Application Development methodology can be used for

• New Application Development 
• Application Maintenance 
• Application Portfolio Management 
• Application Re-engineering 
• Application Migration

Our Custom Application Development process works as follows: :

• Identify the requirements and constraints 
• Outline the solution 
• Define the solution architecture 
• Develop prototypes for demos to the user 
• Design the framework of the solution 
• Build the solution 
• Validate the solution against requirements 
• Roll out the solution across the organization 
• Continuous support for the solution

Our services take care of entire process cycle components including design, development, implementation, integration, remediation and maintenance, all tailored to our client’s environment. Our project teams can assume total accountability for deliverables, timelines and project results or can work under the direction of our client, making our Application Development Services offering a flexible solution for organizations facing rapid technology, management or organizational changes.

Our Application Development solutions aim to derive accelerated return on investment, reduce cycle times and costs, give faster and accurate results, improve productivity and provide total client satisfaction.

Prodigy Corporation’s systems integration expertise helps you implement and integrate proven state-of-the-art technologies to achieve your specific business objectives. Our integration services help enterprises to build a common framework by integrating new and existing technologies, business processes, workflows, disparate data and applications.

From front-end consulting and planning, to integrating and even managing your technology solutions, we have the depth and experience to respond to your unique challenges and opportunities. We combine a deep understanding of your market with about ten years of experience in integrating diverse systems, applications and platforms.

Our System Integration Services cover the areas of

• Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing 
• Customer Relationship Management 
• Web Content Management 
• Application Management 
• Enterprise Development and Security 
• Global Delivery Services 
• High availability applications and database servers

Our consultants have core competencies in project planning, project management, detailed design or implementation of application programming interfaces. Our team can integrate new hardware, packaged and custom software, communications protocols and networks with your existing business environment and technology infrastructure.

By integrating your systems, Prodigy Corporation helps you:

• Minimize risks, reduce overhead costs, gain operational efficiencies, improve ROI and deliver complete system integration services and solutions addressed to your unique business needs. 
• Define solutions for enterprise-class quality attributes including performance, scalability of applications, security, reliability, availability, maintainability, and support 
• Implement applications and technologies and support them in all stages of project planning, implementation and operation 
• Ensure that you make the right technology choices and get most out of your existing technology infrastructure