Contract to Hire

Contract to Hire

Prodigy Technologies Inc specializes in providing resources to supplement or manage your ERP and CRM projects. Our high-powered contract resources allow you the agility to have high-impact, on-demand talent when and where you need it. Prodigy provides the most important tools -- the personnel with the expert skills needed to get it done right, on time and with competitive value.

Resource Qualifying
Every resource is subjected to a rigorous qualifying process that includes: an in depth interview by a GSIT Resource Manager, technical tests using either in-house or “Prove It!” testing and thorough reference checks for candidates past 2-3 projects.

Senior-Level Resources
Prodigy excels at providing US citizens and Green Card resources that have 5-15 years of ERP experience.

Fast Turnaround
Two candidates for each position within 48 hours.

Niche Expertise
Get the advantages of a niche provider. We have the technical knowledge, the exclusive pipeline and the years of experience to make the most effective placement.

Services Value
Years of experience working with Fortune 1000 companies has resulted in systems and business practices that keep our overhead low and our quality high. The result is strong value for high-impact business solutions.