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Job ID : 1182
Job Title : System Analyst
Job Desc : In addition, you will be expected to provide the highest level of service to resolve the customer's issue and restore the customer to fully functioning status, while strengthening the customer-JHA relationship.
Develops programming code for new and/or existing software enhancements.
Devises block diagrams, logic procedures and prepares flowcharting.
Troubleshoots and debugs existing code.
Tests code and fixes to ensure quality.
Develops conversion and system implementation plans; implements newly created code and fixes into existing software.
Provides programming support for various interfaces.
Keeps customers informed of all enhancements, troubleshooting, and fixes; may assist the customer in determining if and how system enhancements may improve process flow and business function.
Creates all programming documentation; may include defining the system and functional requirements of the product.
May complete project bids and/or work effort estimates.